Evaluation: June 2015

Recently I discovered a sweet new blogger at Rich as Kings.  I just love the all the posts about gratitude and the simple pleasures of life.  Anna did a post this month called Taking Stock and I thought I would follow her example and do a little evaluating of my life too.  Here’s what I came up with:

Drinking: lots more water.  Summer is in full swing in Northern California and its HOT!
Reading: new blogs:  Rich as Kings, Becoming Minimalist, The Art of Simple, and a good book called, Hurry Less, Worry Less by Judy Christie
Wanting: a new black and white summer skirt
Looking: forward to my summer vacation on the Oregon Coast
Playing: with my dog, Jane
Wasting: time watching YouTube videos.  My guilty pleasure.
Sewing: (Sowing) seeds of minimalism with my family and friends
Wishing: I could retire early
Enjoying: evenings on the back patio
Waiting: to see what will happen next
Liking: a little time by myself
Wondering: why I have a hard time saying “no”.
Loving: my husband more and more each day
Hoping: that my RA will stay under control.
Marveling: at how far I have come in my career.
Needing: just a few more hours everyday.
Smelling: summer rain in the air
Wearing: my hoop earrings with everything!
Following: the prophet
Noticing: how pretty and blue the sky is in contrast to the green trees
Knowing: that everything will be alright.
Thinking: more about being honest
Bookmarking: recipes for cool summer meals
Opening: the back door a million times a day for the dogs.
Feeling: grateful for my family

Do you want to try this too?  Head on over to Anna’s post at RichasKings.com and copy and paste her blank list.





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