Do You Really Need That?

As budding minimalists, we have been steadily decluttering our home and our lives. Today we cleared out about half of what was on the “work bench” in the garage. Several boxes will go to the thrift store, one box will be saved for the “estate sale” next summer, and we ended up with a dozen bottles and cans of car care products and a complete tool box. Lots of stuff went in the garbage or recycling. The question we kept asking was, “Do you really need that?”

While clearing out the junk, we came upon a box with a bunch of music CD’s (which we don’t use anymore since we have iTunes on the computers and phones). Along with those CD’s there were at lease a dozen or more DVD’s with home movies. Of course, we realized that we hadn’t watched them in a long time, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to throw them out. This was history!


So the rest of my day is spent re-encoding the videos and uploading them to a private channel on YouTube. That way, we can watch them whenever we want, share then with family, and get rid of these DVD’s that are taking up space in the garage. I found out that, if you are in good standing with YouTube, you can upload movies up to 12 hours in length. No copyrighted stuff here, folks! Just your own stuff.

In keeping with the DVD declutter, I posted a list of most the movie DVD’s we still owned on our family Facebook page and am sharing them with family members. The rest will go to the public library.


I am feeling really grateful for the digital age we live in now.  All these home movies can be stored on a cloud and retrieved and shared whenever we want and wherever we are.


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