Moving to The Cottage

tree-houseWe moved into The Cottage when a tree fell on our house and completely destroyed it.  We lovingly refer to our former abode as the Tree-House for this reason.  Fortunately, when the tree fell, it landed in such a way as to not damage anything in the house — not furniture or appliances or anything really.  Even our furry friends were safe.

We lived in the Tree-House for 8 years and were pretty much resigned to living there a lot longer because the market had turned and we were under water with our mortgage.  Thus, when the tree fell, it was a blessing disguised as a tree.  The Tree-House was over 1200 square feet — not huge by todays standards, but there were four of us at the time and every room was pretty much stuffed to the gills, including the 2 car garage.

I think that if we had been able to pack and move like regular people, we might have been able to get rid of a lot of stuff, but as it happened, we had to pack up amidst the rubble and just get everything out before the demo started.

So, we basically packed up everything and moved it to The Cottage.

thecottageThe Cottage is a little less than 900 square feet 2 bedroom, 1 bath home with a detached one-car garage.  It has no central heat or air, but it does have a great little wood stove.  The owners used to live in it and did a lot of upgrades and remodeling to the kitchen and bathroom.  When we first looked at it, I just thought it was too small for us — but we were desperate for a place to live and the price was right, so we took it.  I figured we could live here a few months and then find something bigger.  That was 3 years ago.

It has been a challenge to find a place for everything, but we did, and we have been happy here.  The location is the best!  It is a 2 minute commute to work for me and we are close to all our little town’s amenities as well.  Mark (my husband) works at home, so he uses some of the living room as his office and hangs out with the wieners all day.

Now that both my boys are out of the house (Thing 1 is at university. Thing 2 is on a mission in Thailand), we’ve done some consolidating to their shared room and use their huge walk-in closet for storage.  There is still room for one of them to come home, but probably not both at the same time.

Did I mention we have a garage?  Well, not really.  Aren’t you supposed to park your car in a garage?  What we really have is a very large storage room — a very large, FULL storage room.  You see, all that stuff from the Tree-House had to go somewhere and there wasn’t room in the house.  Every once in a while we “clean” the garage and throw out some empty boxes and move stuff around, but it doesn’t change the fact that there is just too much stuff (junk?) in that garage.  Something has to change.


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